jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012


Esperando el avión / Waiting for the plane

Un chico muy guapo tocando jazz manouche  / A very handsome guy playing jazz manouche

Notre Dame vista desde la orilla del Sena / Notre Dame seen from Sena's bank

Rue du Calvaire, Montmartre

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  1. Ooooooh ! That's my city ! :)) You were there ? Did you liked it ?

  2. I think it was GORGEOUS! Being by the Sena right in front of Notre Dame, seeing the sunset with the sky all red, as if Parig was in flames.. it was beautiful. All week the sunsets were stunning! I would love to go back, I have a list of places I still have to see :D you were right, Paris is a great city!

  3. You had a room right in front of Notre-Dame ? Nice place to stay ! If you come back, tell me, we have our pipa clubs here and other very friendly places not to miss at night. I went back myself in Barcelona 3 weeks ago for 1 day, for work (with the science museeum Cosmocaixa). Was fast but still wonderfull. The beach right inside the city ... Maybe you were in Paris at that same moment. That would be fun :)) Next time let's try to meet when invading each' other's city :) Did you had some great wine ?

    1. No, my room wasn't in front of Notre-Dame but we spend a couple of days around that zone, I liked it very much with the bridges and the old streets. At night we did a research of jazz clubs and found a couple of them quite cute.
      Oooh Cosmocaixa! El Museu de la Ciència!What did you do on Cosmocaixa? When I was little I was such hugh fan of Cosmocaixa, I like a lot the hugh pendulum they have when you go inside the museum. (well, I think it was like that, it's been years since I have gone to Cosmocaixa). Now I can't help but prefer CaixaForum since they have all this art expositions :) By the way, Musée d'Orsay? Hello? Could be a museum more beautiful?
      I don't think I'm going again to Paris in the near future since it's soooooo expensive. Like, veryveryveryvery expensive. I'm quite sure you will come to Barcelona again before I go to Paris so yes, may be we could meet again. We have more clubs beside pipa in Barcelona, I promise :D
      And no, I didn't have any wine because... I don't like wine! Not one bit, and all I could see on all the restaurants blackboards was WINE WINE WINE WINE WE HAVE ALL KIND OF WINES WINE WINE WINE. What's with you french people and wine!

    2. I'll tell you a very well kept secret :) I'm risking my life for that. It's because french people are coming from outer space. Grapeland is the name of our home planet. Grape is the only thing we have there. We're like zombies. If you drink our precious substance, wine that is, you'll become one of us. The only reason you escaped from Paris is because you managed (damit!) to avoid our subliminal blackboards. Indeed, a few percent of the population is immune to it :) More seriously, i admit it, we french are a bit obssessed with wine. Maybe too much. But i do find something wonderfull with wine : each of those bottles have a story to tell (where they come, who made it and how, where does the name comes from etc.). And you already know it. I like stories :)
      Cosmocaixa ? We had an appointement with them because our big science museum in Paris wanted us to visit the place. They have a very nice exhibition design. The pendulum is still there :) And there is a tropical forest inside the museum, with fishes as big as me :). Were they already there ?
      Ouch, the Orsay Museum has just been renovated (last year). Hasn't been there since. A shame :/ But the Louvre ? Better, no ?

    3. Well, I'm lucky you only use your subliminal blackboards with wine because oh my, did I drank beer! You have that beer called Desperados which I love and it's quite hard to find here in Spain.. but now I understand why some people in restaurants looked the way they did; they were winezombies. I heard that's the worst kind of zombie since they seem quite normal until they are thirsty again and must be feeded, preferably after work, in a restaurant with friends, having a party. Terrible, terrible illness.
      I know what you mean with the story of the bottles. I like that to; I like the design, the old wine cellars almost always cold, I love the burgundy color (it's my favourite)... I like everything except the wine itself!
      Fishes as big as you! I was about to joke saying you were exaggerating but I went to the web and saw a video... I think I will have to go again to the museum, definitely I didn't see that when I was a little girl! My last time there I was 9, I think.. I can only remember the pendulum, the place called "toca toca" with all kind of animals (I remember touching a starfish!), the planetarium (I adore the stars and the sky), a place where you could play with ciencie phenomenons..
      Mmm Louvre was.. magnificent would be the word. And they have Vermeer paintings so, all my love to Louvre but it seemed to me like I couldn't breathe. On the other hand Orsay with all the light coming through the crystal roof, the big clock on the wall on the first floor, me walking around all the statues... and upstairs we were looking the big clock from the back! It's true the disposition of the paintings and sculptures in general I don't think it was the best one (quite unconfortable and I feel like I couldn't really appreciate the big, gorgeous space) and yes, it was being renovated so there were some noises... but even so, I liked it more than Louvre. I don't know, I just had different feelings. What I would like would be one day in each museum, just for me, to watch EVERYTHING at my own pace!

    4. Ok, now i need to go back to Orsay. Looks they did a good job :) For the Louvre, one can spend even two days in it, to see all the collections. A fun thing to do are the "Thematic tours" where a private guide follows a specific theme like "Mysteries", "Da vinci code, the movie" or even "Erotic Louvre" (that one is really fun with tiny surprising details hidden everywhere). Was nice to have news from you, and sorry for polluting your blog with all those (personnal) comments :) A bientôt !

    5. It was nice to hear from you too, I was a bit surprised with your visit to my blog :)!